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Water Damage  

Whether it is a burst pipe from a freeze, an overflowing plugged toilet, or a washing machine malfunction, water damage can be disastrous. It can quickly cause further damage to your home and personal possessions.
Northwoods Restoration will respond quickly to your emergency. Our highly trained, professional certified technicians are dedicated to returning your home to the same condition it was prior to the incident as quickly as possible. There is much more to water damage than just a wet floor. Water will travel from wet to dry whenever possible; and it does so very quickly.

Time is of the essence. The longer it takes to begin the drying process, the greater the chances of additional damages including mold and mildew growth. Our technicians will utilize their knowledge and state of the art equipment to handle your loss with complete efficiency.
Our company specializes in Applied Structural Drying, a system where we actually dry your home in place. We normally do not have to tear out walls and flooring.  (*See ASD below)  Of course, there are instances where this procedure will not work. Our technicians will make that determination upon arrival and handle your specific loss appropriately.
As soon as possible after contacting Northwoods Restoration, we recommend you do the following to minimize your potential loss.
Attempt to locate the source of the water leak and turn off if possible.
Remove as much water as possible by mopping or blotting.
Wipe water from wood furniture after removing lamps & tabletop items.
Remove or prop up wet upholstery cushions for even drying.
Place aluminum foil, plastic bags, or wooden blocks under furniture legs.
Open wet drawers and cabinet doors (do not force).
It is extremely difficult to determine the exact length of time that it will take to dry your home to acceptable levels. There are many factors that enter into this equation, however, you can be assured that our technicians will be monitoring the progress daily. There will be several pieces of equipment running in your home, and the temperature may seem quite high, but it is important that you leave everything running the way the technician has it set.
Shortly after we begin our initial procedures, an estimate of cost for the total dryout (mitigation) and restoration will be developed. This estimate will be sent to your insurance adjuster and we will work directly with them on your behalf.

"The Applied Structural Drying courses covers the effective, efficient and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents, using comprehensive classroom and hands-on training, in order to facilitate appropriate decision-making within a restorative drying environment. Students will experience live hands on use of instruments, extraction systems, drying equipment, and chemistry use in an actual flooded building situation."

IICRC Technical Advisory on "In-Place" Drying
(PDF Format)
To view this document, select:  techadvisory-in-place-drying.pdf

To visit the IICRC website, select:  Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
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