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Mold Remediation  

Mold spores are everywhere. They freely float in the outdoor environment. They are found in our homes, in our carpet, our furniture and our ductwork. Mold spores love dark, damp areas. We live with this everyday because these spores are normally dormant (hibernating) until the environment is just right for them to "come alive". However, increased moisture or chronic dampness will allow these spores to flourish and grow. Areas within your home must have moisture contents maintained at a level that is incompatible with mold growth.
When water damage occurs from a flooded basement, or an unnoticed leaking pipe, or any other souce of water intrusion, mold will begin to grow if left untreated.

Our technicians have been trained to find these moist/wet areas utilizing high tech moisture meters and other techniques.

We will map out these areas and monitor them to ensure that the affected areas are dried to acceptable levels to prevent mold growth.

The area is also treated with an antimicrobial/antibacterial agent.

It is extremely important to make certain that these wet areas begin being dried within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

If an area has already begun growing mold, we will work with a licensed environmentalist.

The affected areas/rooms will be tested, a plan will be developed to completely mitigate the damages, and then a post-mitigation test will be performed to make certain that the mold spore levels are reduced to an acceptable level.

It is only after those levels have been reduced, that we will continue our restoration procedures.

"We Do It All....The Right Way....Everytime....Guaranteed !!!"

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