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Fire and Smoke Damage  

Aside from the loss of a loved one, a fire is probably the most devastating loss you can ever experience. There will likely be personal possessions lost that can never be replaced. Although we cannot replace those precious items, Northwoods Restoration will be there to help ease the stress.
Whether it is a small stovetop grease fire, or a major fire involving your entire home, our technicians are genuinely concerned about your property.

Besides being State of Michigan licensed builders, we have additional training and certification in Fire and Smoke Restoration.

Following a fire, smoke and soot can find places to hide everywhere. It takes special knowledge to find these smoke damage areas to prevent lingering smoke odors from invading your home for years to come.

Additionally, most fires are suppressed by the fire department with water.
This water damage must be dealt with properly to prevent secondary damages from mold and mildew growth. Most general contractors do not have the expertise to properly mitigate these concerns.
Northwoods Restoration will do everything possible to restore what is salvageable. From the initial board-up to secure your property, to the final repairs, we are prepared to handle every detail. We will help you itemize your property, determine what is salvageable, and then pack out those possessions to be cleaned. We will work as an advocate for you when dealing with your insurance company throughout the entire claim.

"We Do It All....The Right Way....Everytime....Guaranteed !!!"

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